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Seeking Immediate Help For Orbital Trauma

Orbital trauma or eye injury is more common than you might think and half of these injuries occur at home. In fact, 2.5 million people incur some type of eye injury, according to the United States Eye Injury Registry, which publishes a summary report each year. Getting immediate treatment is the best thing you can 
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Rapper Missy Elliott Speaks About Her Experience With Graves’ Disease

Melissa Arnette Elliott, better known by her stage name “Missy Elliott,” is a Grammy Award-winning rapper who, for the past five years, has been battling Graves’ disease. Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder caused by an overactive thyroid. An incurable condition, the disease is estimated to affect 2% of the American female population, and is 
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7 Most Common Risk Factors for Thyroid Disease

“Thyroid disease” is a term used to describe a set of potentially debilitating conditions involving a disruption in the functioning of the thyroid gland. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located in the front of the neck that is responsible for regulating metabolism, producing and controlling the body’s sensitivity to a wide range of 
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Orbital Injuries To Watch Out For During The Summer

The summer is known for BBQ, warm weather, and sometimes the use of fireworks. Illegal firework displays, although common, are notoriously unsafe and pose the threat of orbital injuries (injuries of the eye and surrounding structures). The ophthalmic and ophthalmic plastic (eye plastic and reconstructive) surgeons at the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence are qualified 
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How Damage from the Sun Could Lead to Eyelid Reconstruction

We all know that sun exposure has been linked to skin cancer. What most people don’t think of when applying skin protection or sunscreen is that the eyelids and eyes are also subject to this radiation exposure. Many skin tumors can develop along the eyelids, and the eye can be subject to growths that may 
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What to Expect During Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery

Eyelid reconstruction surgery is performed to correct defects in the eyelids caused by trauma, removal of growths or tumors. When going in for surgery – especially of the face – it is important to find the best oculoplastic surgeon in Los Angeles. At the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence, our team of oculoplastic surgeons has 
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Eye Surgery: Life-Changing Procedures for Orbital Trauma

One second can change a person’s life forever. A car accident, an athletic injury, a physical altercation – even an animal attack – that causes trauma to the eye is a serious and sometimes permanent condition. Orbital trauma (eye trauma) is unlike other injuries because it not only affects or inhibits your vision, but it also 
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What Is Orbital Decompression for Graves’ Disease?

If you are considering undergoing orbital decompression for Graves’ Disease, you should learn all of the facts first. Graves’ Disease can significantly interfere with your self-esteem and daily life, and having a procedure to correct your vision and the appearance of your eyes, which can be affected by the disease, is often life-changing. Having this 
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Cheek Swelling May Indicate Thyroid-Associated Orbitopathy in Females

Surgeons at the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence in Los Angeles explain a new study regarding a common complication of hyperthyroidism and explain the benefits of a multidisciplinary treatment approach According to a recent study published by the Department of Ophthalmology at New York Presbyterian Hospital, prominent cheek swelling in females may be indicative of 
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When Do You Need Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery?

Reconstructive eyelid surgery is a very complex and delicate procedure that is necessary in a variety of circumstances, such as cases of orbital trauma or skin cancer affecting the eye area. Due to the nature of this procedure, it is important to visit an experienced eye specialist who can determine if reconstructive eyelid surgery is 
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