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Graves’ Disease Linked to Increased Mortality Risk

Graves’ disease can cause pain, discomfort, unsightly bulging, and even poor vision. However, a recent study has found that Graves’ disease is also linked to an increased mortality risk. Now more than ever, it is crucial to see a specialist for Graves’ disease treatment. At the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills, the 
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How To Fix Droopy Eyelids: Ptosis Surgery

If you have a droopy eyelid, are unhappy with the appearance of your eye, or are suffering from obstructed eyesight – you have some options. At the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence, our expert eye surgeons provide several cosmetic and reconstructive treatments for ptosis, or droopy eyelids. We specialize in treating issues that affect the 
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Have Bulging Eyes – Try Cosmetic Orbital Decompression

Bulging eyes (proptosis) can be very painful and lead to an unappealing appearance for many of those who suffer from the condition.  Many people find that, in addition to eliminating the discomfort that results from bulging eyes, they also want an aesthetic solution. Fortunately, you can change the unsightly appearance of your bulging eye condition 
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Everything You Should Know About Eye Cancer

There are two different types of eye cancer, primary intraocular cancer and secondary intraocular cancer.  Primary intraocular cancer originates inside the eyeball, whereas secondary intraocular cancer starts somewhere else in the body and then spreads to the eye. Secondary intraocular cancers are more common that primary intraocular cancers, even though they are not true eye 
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Top 5 Causes of Bulging Eyes

Proptosis is when the eye or eyes appear to bulge forward, out of the socket. Many times this is due to something inside the eye that is taking up space. CT scans, MRIs, and biopsies can help to diagnose proptosis and find the source of bulging eyes. Sometimes the cornea can become exposed as a 
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