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When it comes to any type of surgery that involves your vision or your appearance, it is important that you see a highly qualified surgeon for optimal results.

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Testimonials for the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence

“I lost my right eye 32 years ago and never knew the options I had until I met Dr. Stolpe who then introduced me to Dr. Massry.  On a daily basis during work or while coaching my sons baseball of soccer teams, there are constant reminders about my appearance.  Over time my lids started to sag dramatically while my prosthetic eye did not align properly and gazed either down of over the persons shoulder I was speaking with.  The team of Dr. Stolpe and Dr. Massry worked together to dramatically resolve my appearance.  After Dr. Stolpe created a new prosthetic eye that fit properly, Dr. Massry adjusted my upper and lower lids.  From the first meeting with Dr. Massry, he made me feel comfortable and explained all options, recommendations.  I believe Dr.  Massry understands patients anxiety over such a procedure since this is your major interface with everyone you meet…your eyes.  I appreciate the effort, energy and passion Dr. Massry provided me throughout this process.”

Rob Kirnbauer

“May 2, 2009 was the day a tragic car accident had occurred.  It caused me to get a tracheotomy, lumbar surgery, a cerebral hemorrhage, and left side facial fractures which then included compete damage to my left eye.  Because of all the damage that was caused to my left eye, Dr. Massry worked his magic to reconstruct and reshape my eye to make it look as natural and normal as possible.  Looking in the mirror isn’t hard for me anymore because of the self esteem he had helped me regain because of his use of compassion, skill, and professionalism.  If you need or want help cosmetically, Dr. Massry is the best person to go to.  Trust me.  With his kindness and skill, he’s worth your time.  He made a huge positive difference in my live.  He will make a huge positive difference in yours.”

Denise Renee Shaw

“My nurses and all the staff and doctors were excellent!”


“Thank you, Dr. Massry. My eyes look amazingly more open, alert, and “happier,” which make me look – and feel – younger. And I greatly appreciate your caring consult and after-care. You took time with me to assess, recommend, and inform me, which eliminated any concerns I may have had. My recovery was so quick and my results so good – you truly worked magic!”


“I suffered from Ptosis of the left eye that seriously decreased my field of vision. I underwent surgery to correct the problem. The surgery failed. I had a second surgery to correct the problem. It also failed! Two surgeries: nothing accomplished. I was devastated.

Now, admittedly discouraged and fearful of all surgeons, I went to Dr. Massry. This would be my third try to correct my Ptosis. My fears proved to be needless. Dr. Massry not only accomplished a successful Ptosis correction, he did it in spite of the major buildup of scar tissue from the previous failed surgeries.

Today, no more Ptosis! My eyes are the same size, and I have a clear filed of vision. Thank you, Dr. Massry!”

-Ted K.

“The whole experience was sublime. The skill, artistry and professionalism of Dr. Azizzadeh, the helpfulness of the support staff and the divine anesthesiologist, Dr. Chin!”

– Adela

“I had a parotidectomy with Dr Babak Larian and Dr Babak Azizzadeh. I searched for a long time for a professional doctor ( had more than 5 opinions about my condition ) with the expertise required for this type of surgery since the facial nerve damage was always a risk.

After a long time of waiting and prayer I found Dr Azizzadeh and Dr Babak Larian.

During my first consultation visit I had the peace and confident that I was in the right hands. I found them very professional, caring, and experts in what they do.

They do not only care for the procedure itself but care about the quality of life of the patient after the surgery from scheduling through the follow up. They do not only prioritize healing but aesthetics as well.

I did not have any bruising or nerve weakness, my face looks as if I had not had surgery at all considering that a large mass was removed!

The staff is very courteous and professional. Not questions were left unanswered considering that I am the type of patient that ask many questions and search deeply before I get any medical treatment.

They both exceeded my expectations, I would highly recommend Dr Azizzadeh and Dr Larian to anyone suffering any head and neck conditions or in need of facial surgery and reconstructive surgery. They are gifted doctors. I thank God for these doctors.”

– Martha C.

“Dr. Azizzadeh is a top-notch doctor with a great deal of compassion, and a one- of-a-kind talent to back it up. His ability to empathize with me during my visit made me feel as though he could see me, not just as another patient, but as a human being. I feel that I can really trust Dr. Azizzadeh, and trust isn’t something that comes easily.”

– Tymothie

“I went in for surgery on both eyes roughly 6 months ago (sclarel buckles). The staff was phenomenonaly attentive and thoughtful throughout the entire process. Putting my vision in someone’s hands was a tough choice to make, but knowing that it was placed with the knowledgeable and experienced Dr. Parks put me at ease. The surgeries were spread out in a week span and were quick and not as painful as I had psyched myself out to feel. I would definitely recommend this place if you need to have retina surgery.”

– Rafael G.,

“Many thanks to Dr. Honorado and Staff Jenn and Melissa who were most efficient, kind, patient, reassuring and friendly. I was most appreciative that Dr. Honorado responded to my communications late one night when I needed help.”

-Eye Surgery Patient

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