The summer is known for BBQ, warm weather, and sometimes the use of fireworks. Illegal firework displays, although common, are notoriously unsafe and pose the threat of orbital injuries (injuries of the eye and surrounding structures).

The ophthalmic and ophthalmic plastic (eye plastic and reconstructive) surgeons at the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence are qualified and ready to treat any case in which the orbit is affected, including trauma. Eye trauma is particularly devastating because, even if only one eye is affected, there have been cases when the other eye has become effected too.. Also, surrounding damage to the face may require reconstructive surgery by a qualified, talented group of oculoplastic surgeons. It is important that you contact a qualified team that operates at the highest standards.

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Eye Risks from the Summer Holidays

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that approximately 600 emergency visits during the summer are due to orbital injuries.  These various injuries typically include sports injuries and burns and shrapnel to the eye from fireworks displays, both legal and illegal.

Any injury to the front of the face, including mid-face bones, muscles of the eye, and the soft tissue surrounding the eye (orbit), can be considered orbital trauma. Some of the injuries that may require surgery include:

  • Impact by force – foreign body may come into contact with the eye
  • Penetrating injuries – foreign body may penetrate the eye and surrounding area (skin, eyelid, muscles, bone and brain)
  • Blow-out fractures – The bones that make up the eye socket are disrupted normally due to a forceful frontward impact
  • Injury to the optic nerve – A very small percent of head trauma can cause optic nerve damage that may cause blindness

Treatments Offered for Orbital Injuries

Every case is unique, and the oculoplastic surgeons at La Peer were trained in top programs, and specialize in maintaining quality of vision, preventing blindness, and restoring injured eyes and faces to their natural looks. You can schedule a consultation with an oculoplastic surgeon in Beverly Hills at our surgery center, which deals with various conditions including problems associated with Graves’ disease, removal of tumors, trauma and cosmetics.

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The orbit is a small, compact and complex structure. When choosing a surgeon to evaluate and treat your orbital problem, it is important to find an ophthalmic facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in the eyelid, orbit, and tear drain surgery. Members of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS) have the extra training required to care for these problems in children and adults. Membership in ASOPRS indicates your surgeon is not only a board-certified ophthalmologist who knows the anatomy and structure of the eye and orbit, but also has expertise in ophthalmic plastic reconstructive surgery to appropriately care for your problem.

At the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills, our oculoplastic surgeons are board-certified with extra training in the nuances of orbital injuries. If you have any questions about reconstructive surgical care at the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence in Beverly Hills, be sure to contact the office for more information at (888) 559-4341.

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