At the Orbital Surgery Center of Excellence, our doctors provide world-class  medicine and healthcare to the Los Angeles community and patients across the nation. We understand that not everyone has access to top level healthcare and want to help those who are less fortunate.

Doctors Giving Back

 We support the Children’s Rehabilitation Institute and Surgery Program, or CRISP Foundation. The children of Guatemala are in desperate need of the CRISP Foundation’s surgical and health care services. CRISP Foundation has performed over 1400 surgeries; barely scratching the surface of the tens of thousands who need surgery.  They also provide additional medical care and surgery for other congenital anomalies and correctable injuries.

Thanks to the CRISP Foundation, all surgeries and medical care are free of charge.

Surgeons and other medical professionals of the CRISP Foundation transform children’s lives.  Whether they have a cleft palate or cleft lip, need reconstructive surgery relating to burns, or need eyelid surgery to see again, the CRISP Foundation can help.

The CRISP Foundation Surgical Team travels to Central America twice a year to surgically repair deformities in children.

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